Saturday, June 14, 2008

Canes Gear Up For Georgia

FSU just allowed 11 runs in the 9th as I write this, moments after coming back from 3 down in the 8th. Tough luck for Seminole fans, whose team now faces elimination against either Miami or Georgia in a couple of days, barring a miraculous comeback.

Even then, I wouldn't be too worried about the Seminoles, who survived a handful of elimination games in the process leading up the College World Series. I wouldn't be too surprised to see them bounce back. Hopefully they won't and Miami will have an easier time of it on the road to the title game.

What's more important is how the Canes do against a formidable Georgia team today. The Bulldogs have 2 1st round picks on their squad in SS Gordon Beckham and reliever Josh Fields (considered to be a huge stretch in the 1st, like Carlos Gutierrez). They are to be taken seriously in my opinion. I didn't say the same about the Arizona Wildcats and look how much of a challenge that proved to be.

If Hernandez is on his game, the Canes should be fine. Georgia's starters are hittable and we happen to have a Top 3 lineup in the country, if not the best. The problem is that the pitching, hitting, and defense haven't all been on the same page recently. If the Canes don't start running on all cylinders soon, I don't expect them to make it through the CWS as champs with only one starting pitcher who is really throwing well. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I do have faith that Jim Morris knows what he is doing.

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