Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wade Trade Rumors

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Rather than post every day, which has become difficult recently, I believe that I will post fewer times a week, but with several pieces a day. That way I can still get my thoughts across to you guys.

In any case, I thought the whole Dwyane Wade to Bulls trade rumor should be addressed. I personally have never heard anything dumber in my entire life. Supposedly, the rumor is that Wade would go to the Bulls in exchange for moving up one spot in the draft, where the Heat would then select Derrick Rose. I have to say, only a fan blog could come up with something that ridiculous.

It's one thing to say we would trade Wade for the #1 overall pick and draft Rose and Beasley, planning for the future without Wade, who might opt out soon. That's still absolutely ridiculous. That itself would be stretching the limits of stupidity. So then try to imagine how incredibly dumb the real rumor is.

Wade is the cornerstone of the franchise. Period. I wouldn't trade him for anyone outside of LeBron James or Chris Paul. Maybe Deron Williams or Dwight Howard. Other than that, he is untouchable. And he is bordering on flat-out untouchable simply because he means so much to this community now that Jason Taylor is on his way out and Alonzo Mourning is at the tail end of his career. You can't trade the face of sports in Miami. You just can't.

I'm shocked that such a dumb rumor, and clearly a fabricated wishful thought on the part of a Bulls fan at that, would make it in a local paper and be addressed to Wade himself. Maybe if I say in this space: "LeBron James to the Heat for a 2nd round pick and Mark Blount", the papers up in Cleveland will go ask LeBron how he feels about joining his buddy Dwyane down in Miami.

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