Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little About the Blog...

State of Miami is a blog primarily covering Miami's sports teams and athletes past and present. However, I like to think of it as a general sports blog as well, so from time to time I'll post my thoughts on important issues on a national scale. I hope that the blog is of particular use to those who are Miami transplants or South Florida residents on extended business trips.

The name of the blog is a triple-meaning. It of course refers to the state of sports in Miami, and there is a regular editorial piece regarding this subject every now and then on the blog. Second, it refers to the unique characteristic of Miami in that it acts as it's own little world, unlike anywhere else in the US.

Finally, the name is an allusion to Howard Schnellenberger's famous quote about how he would take the University of Miami football team to the top: "We're going to build a fence around the State of Miami". He had a 5 year plan for the program, and little did anyone know that he would fulfill his promise in just 4.

If you are a frequent reader of the blog, expect to find my priorities to be centered around Hurricanes Football/Recruiting, and the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat. However, I am as passionate as you guys about just about every sport down here, and I live and die with the success of our franchises. I hope you guys enjoy your visit to the blog, whether you are a subscriber or a one-time visitor. Feel free to comment on any post, or e-mail me with any questions, concerns, or tips.




Kahlos said...

Good job homie, keep up the good work...

Do a little more recruiting football news for the U. I dont have any rivals, scout, or accounts. I go to your for the indepth news man.


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