Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Not Great to Be A Florida Gator

Simply because I don't have the energy to whip out the statistics and the usual bleeding heart Canes-against-the-world soapbox talk, I'll be short and sweet about the latest Gator in the news. Safety Jamar Hornsby has been arrested and accused of credit card fraud. This wasn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fraud you might find yourself guilty of if you find someone's lost wallet. Hornsby had been using a dead girl's identity. Not only that, but she was a close friend and girlfriend of former teammate Michael Guilford, who alongside Ashley Slonina died a few months ago in a tragic car accident.

And here I thought Fred Rouse breaking into his teammate's apartment was some serious betrayal. Try having your teammate ruin your girlfriend's credit. Hornsby is lucky that Guilford didn't survive the crash, because this situation is just sick. On top of being morally reprehensible on every level, Slonina's family had enough to deal with before getting hit with the charges to her credit card. That's just a cruel thing to do.

Of course, nothing substantial will come of this in the big picture. Hornsby has been kicked off the team, obviously, and should serve some jail time for his crimes. However, you won't see an SI cover imploring the University of Florida to shut down their program. I'd be willing to be their last 18 months have been far worse than anything that ever went down here in the late 80's. It's sad but the reality is Miami will never shed the Thug U image no matter how dirty things get elsewhere.


The Bull Gator said...

The line "willing to bet their last 18 months have been far worse than anything that ever went down here" is funny. Thanks for the good laugh Aldo.

Jokes aside, Slonina wasn't Guiford's girlfriend. She was close friend's with a number of players on the team include Guilford, but was actually dating Joe Haden. There were a few pieces circling around early in the year about how Haden was coping with her death.

Anyway, Gator fan or not, what Hornsby did is appalling. I really can't believe someone could do something so low.

Kahlos said...

I hate to say it but with the way things are going for FSU and UF, I really don't see much competition for the Hurricanes in the near future. It sucks because those two programs are the biggest for UM and there going to downplayed with all the FSU stuff and the recruiting infractions urban is pulling off, not to mention all the guys who have gotten arrested. I hate to say it but now it's no longer ThugU, but now ThugFSU and ThugUF. Too bad man. It's a good thing Shannon knows how to keep his players clean.