Friday, May 2, 2008

Marlins Top Padres, Regain First Place

Today's 6-4 victory over Justin Germano and the Padres was a big win for the Marlins. The recent sweep at the hand of the Dodgers erased our division lead and raised concerns that maybe the Marlins were finally starting to show their true colors. Surely they can't keep it up much longer, right?

Well as long as the Ws keep piling up, keep the faith. I don't know how they piece together wins, but whatever they've done has worked. Today's heroics were provided by Dan Uggla, who homered twice off Germano to give Mark Hendrickson enough support to win. Speaking of Hendrickson, I've only watched a pair of his outings and wasn't impressed. Still, he has managed to pitch well enough to post a 5-1 record so far.

I'd have to say much of the reason for the Marlins' early season success is thanks to their all-world shortstop Hanley Ramirez. The young infielder is on pace for a .320, 45 HR, 100RBI and 55 stolen base season. Those are MVP numbers, and I don't doubt his ability to keep it up. The homers should probably settle at around 25-30, but Ramirez has proven he's got some pop. What's amazing is that Ramirez is batting at such a high level and still striking out so much. Once he develops a little more patience, it's scary to imagine how impressive his numbers will be.

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The Bull Gator said...

Good point about Ramirez. Usually guys that strike out a lot bat closer to .250, not .320. Once he gets better discipline at the plate, he will be scary good.