Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shandel's Interviews

I'll be the first to admit I miss Omar Kelly's coverage of the Canes on the Sun-Sentinel. Ever since he was moved to the Dolphins beat and replaced by Shandel Richardson, I've felt that the quality of the coverage has dropped off substantially. Omar was closer to his readers and gave us good stuff. Shandel isn't bad, but he had some pretty big shoes to fill. On top of that, he has some stiff competition from the Herald's Manny Navarro, who often has the the latest news up really quick.

However, Shandel has recently stepped it up big time. He knows what the deal is. All we care about down here is football. The baseball team is amazing and should be poised for a title, but nobody really cares. The basketball team was a few seconds away from a Sweet 16 appearance, but they too have to step aside for football. In the South, football is king. Anyway, Shandel has responded to this by providing one on one interviews with several incoming freshman recruits from Miami's heralded 2008 class.

Here is one with Davon Johnson. I encourage you to read up on the other ones on the blog. As Bruce Feldman point out on his ESPN blog, the most interesting comment was from CJ Holton, who said he got numerous death threats about decommitting from FSU and committing to Miami. I wish I could say this sort of behavior is exclusive to Noles' fans, but I've seen some pretty nasty stuff online from Canes fans when our guys switch commitments as well.

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