Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adderley Moved to TE

Unsurprisingly, redshirt freshman Daniel Adderley has been moved from WR to TE. With a very talented WR class coming in this spring and summer, WR is no longer a need on this team and the move should have been anticipated. Adderley is a big body at 6-6 220ish and gives our quarterbacks a big target on 3rd downs and in the red zone.

You can tell that the coaching staff is 1) pretty impressed with our young receivers if they are moving a guy away from receiver, when the position was sorely lacking in playmakers last season and 2) they consider TE a need and are looking to get the position back to the heralded status of Tight End U.

Case in point, Miami has already gotten a commitment from Arizona TE Billy Sanders, and are looking to land another in this upcoming recruiting class, possibly from legacy Austin Fitzpatrick in Texas. There were rumors they would tinker with Jordan Futch at the position and are now moving Adderley inside. I'm not sure what that says about our current TEs Chris Zellner, Dedrick Epps and Richard Gordon. All 3 have talent and show occasional flashes of solid play, but it must be that none has stood out yet in spring practice if TE is becoming such a focus of the coaching staff.

That's not great news, but on the bright side, we have to be happy with the progress of the young receivers. It'll only get better once the rest of them enroll for the Fall. The starting QB (whoever that may be) will have plenty of options to throw to for the first time in years. The offensive line looks to be solid (though that's what we hear every year) and they have a stable of backs to rely on. If Marve or Harris can be accurate and make good decisions, I think the offense will be vastly improved. It can't be understated just how poor the QB play was last season. There's no way this team was lacking in talent enough to go 5-7.

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