Friday, March 28, 2008

Dolphins Sign Another Safety

Ever heard of Chris Crocker? I haven't. Apparently he started 14 games for the Falcons last season. The Dolphins just picked him up on a one year deal for 1.15 million dollars.

I'm not sure what this transaction means. We have a bunch of safeties already, and we have signed a bevy of special teamers to boost that unit. Is Crocker going to get a shot at the starting job? What does this mean for Keith Davis, who we signed to compete for a starting position. Heck, what does it mean for Yeremiah Bell and Jason Allen, two guys who weren't handpicked by this regime. I'd say Allen better step it up and quick, because he is likely getting cut next season if he doesn't become the high caliber defensive back Nick Saban thought he was.