Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Panthers Look Finished

It's almost safe to say that the Panthers have teased us yet again with a March run towards the playoffs that falls just short of success. After reeling off 7 straight wins, the Panthers have dipped back into mediocrity and it looks like their season is over after a disappointing loss to the league-worst Tampa Bay Lightning.

It's not difficult to pinpoint just why the Panthers stink so much. The team simply suffers from a lack of talent. Yes, they were riddled by injuries this season, but was this really a playoff caliber roster anyway? I don't believe so.

I don't know much about hockey, but I do know the Panthers don't really splurge on big name free agents, nor do their draft picks turn into Crosby's or Ovechkin's. The reason they have been mired in mediocrity for so long is because they field mediocre teams.

Technically, they aren't out of the hunt just yet. They remain 5 points behind Boston for the final playoff spot, but only have 5 games left with the Bruins having 6. To have any realistic shot at the playoffs, we need to win the remaining 5 games and have Boston go 2-4. Both are unlikely at this stage, so Panthers fans will have to wait another year to see if their average team can stink up the ice in the playoffs for once.

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