Monday, March 24, 2008

Heat Lottery Stuff

The Heat are inching towards getting the worst record in the NBA and the most ping pong balls in the lottery. Unfortunately, this isn't the NFL where the worst record ensures the best pick. It's not even close. Even with the worst record, Miami only has a 25% chance of landing the #1 pick. What's worse is that there is a 42% chance the Miami doesn't even get one of the Top 3 selections.

The draft lottery is only a month or so away. What we should all root hard for is a Top 2 selection. If we don't get Beasley, that hurts, but it's not like missing out on LeBron. Even then teams like Miami and Denver ended up with Wade and 'Melo. If we get a Top 2 pick, then Derrick Rose is a no-brainer selection to be our franchise point guard.

There is a possibility that if we end up with the #3 pick that Rose is still available to us. Beasley will be long gone, but there are a couple of teams in the lottery that don't need a point guard. Then again, those teams might shop him to the highest bidder and we'd be out of luck.

Under the doomsday scenario of landing the 4th pick, then I don't know what I would do. OJ Mayo looks like a great prospect, but I don't think he can play point guard. The bigs available aren't game changing guys. Brook Lopez is a nice player, but I don't think he would be the answer. Actually, I wouldn't mind go after Thabeet from UConn. Guy is a stud on the defensive end.

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