Monday, March 31, 2008

Marlins Scumbaggery Revisited

I urge any of you who are Marlins fans to read Dave Hyde's latest article. I've always wanted for someone in the local media to call out the current ownership of the Marlins, and this is what I've been asking for. Hyde has taken his shots before, as have Dan Le Batard and other columnists, but this is exactly what has been on my mind all this time.

It's obvious that the Marlins make a boatload of money despite the low attendance. Where it's going, I honestly don't know. Not for one second do I trust Jeffrey Loria or his sniveling goon David Sampson. They can refute the Forbe's report all they want. The Marlins are profitable and will remain as such until the ballpark is complete and they can sell the team high.

Only then will we have a major league roster to put out for the fans. All I can hope for now is that this happens before Hanley Ramirez has to be shipped off for prospects. Losing him would be the final nail in the coffin that I thought had already been buried years ago. I keep falling for the young talent and promise, and then, like my fellow fans, get my heart ripped out by cheap ownership who doesn't want to dole out the cash for the top stars.

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