Monday, December 31, 2007

Evaluation of Offense: WRs

Up next is our stellar (insert sarcasm) WR corps.

Marty Booker

Marty hasn't really been effective this season. Last year there were a lot of people calling for his head, but he actually performed at a relatively high level. This year, not so much. Despite leading the team in receptions, Booker vastly underperformed in relation to his salary.

His drops went up and his touchdowns went way down. Booker simply has become a frustrating player to watch, though in fairness he hasn't had a QB throwing to him since he got here.

Verdict: He's gone. No doubt about it with a cap hit upwards of 4 million next year.

Ted Ginn Jr.

A major disappointment for the coaching staff considering the fact he was supposed to be this amazing deep threat. Ginn is still raw as a receiver, though I have to say he's shown some improvements over time. He is pretty useful on the sidelines, but they need to find a way to use him on drag routes and for the love of God throw him the ball deep. That's why you drafted him.

Verdict: Ginn has potential, but isn't the amazing talent we were told we drafted, at least not yet. He might never become a #1 receiver, but it's way too early to pass judgment yet. If a guy like Malcolm Kelly or DeSean Jackson slips into the 2nd round, then I would draft them. But unless you get a serious prospect, I wouldn't put WR as a priority considering free agency is a possibility for an upgrade.

Derek Hagan

Hagan seems to do best in mop up duty. For some reason his 96% catch rate at Arizona State hasn't translated into the NFL. It's baffling because Hagan can get open. He's always open. His top end speed isn't to die for, but the guy should be catching more balls. Maybe he will improve with more playing time coming his way now that Chambers is gone and Booker is looking to join him.

Verdict: His top potential seems to be that of a #2 receiver but he hasn't done much to prove he is any better than a number 3 or 4. Keep him around though.

Greg Camarillo

Who? That pretty much sums up Greg's role on this team. Aside from his late season heroics, Camarillo is training camp fodder. He is only on the team because of our glaring lack of depth at this position and because Chris Chambers was shipped off to San Diego.

Verdict: I guess he could stay around as a 5th receiver if the team decides to keep 5 on the roster. However, the team is lacking talent at this position and look for them to upgrade in free agency and potentially in the draft as well.

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