Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Evaluation of Offense: TEs and FBs

Next comes a disappointing bunch: the tight ends and fullbacks.

David Martin

Besides being made of paper mache, David hasn't been newsworthy this season at tight end. A free agent acquisition from Green Bay, he was an average tight end there and probably didn't even live up to the average expectations we had for him. It was a burden on the quarterbacks to not have that TE safety valve.

Verdict: He signed a 3 year, 3.5M dollar contract with us, so keeping him around wouldn't be overly expensive. However, he is nothing more than a backup.

Justin Peelle

Peelle had his moments, but they were few. He contributed to the lack of a tight end threat from the offense this season. Had a few drops as well. Probably played on the same level as David Martin, though he makes more and is a backup.

Verdict: As a backup I wouldn't mind keeping him. However, he makes about 1.5M next season and that's way too much for someone who doesn't really produce.

Aaron Haltermann

Don't know much about him. My guess is that he is gone as well, unless the people in charge feel like it's too much to go around replacing everybody.

Reagan Mauia

The Juggernaut didn't really do much this season. I like to see a fullback who is part of the offense, catching passes in the flats and running dives in for TDs. He wasn't really used in that regards too often. However, he is just a rookie and a mammoth of a man. His blocking will improve over time.

Verdict: Still young and a worthy investment for the future.

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