Saturday, April 26, 2008

Booker Traded to Eagles for 4th

I guess the new regime didn't think much of Lorenzo Booker. In order to replace the 4th round pick they traded earlier to the Cowboys, the Dolphins got rid of the 3rd down back for the Eagles' pick. 

It's an interesting move because the only two real backs left on the roster are injured and are in rehab. I guess they are comfortable with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams for now. I was wondering if we might take a look at Jamaal Charles in the 3rd, but figured they would pass on that because they already had Booker. Now that becomes a real possibility as an insurance pick.

It is also strange because the Eagles already have a Lorenzo Booker in Brian Westbrook. Both pretty much have the same skill sets as pass catching backs. Westbrook is clearly better and is a much better runner, but still I would think the Eagles would want a complement instead of a supplement. Oh well. I won't miss the former Seminole.

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Kahlos said...

Thank God! We went insane... He was ranked second to some other guy with safeties but DAMN the U must go on!!!!