Thursday, April 3, 2008

Official Lottery Odds

So much for my bad math. Apparently they do remove the lottery balls of selected teams before the next lottery selection is drawn. These are the official official numbers, per Ira, assuming we don't blow it and win 5 games in the closing stretch.

Top Pick: 25% and our selection is either Beasley or Rose.
Top Two Pick: 46.5% and it's probably Rose.
Top Three Pick: 64.3% and frankly, I don't know. Unless we get lucky and Memphis is ahead of us (they won't need Rose), then we are looking at either D.J. Augustin or Brook Lopez or God knows who.


mad mode said...

what about love (if he comes out)?
or mayo?

Aldo Quintanilla said...

Love is rated as a mid-first round pick. He is anything but athletic so scouts are against him. Shame because he is simply a good player, regardless of how high he can or can't jump.

Mayo is an option if he can play point guard. I don't know if the Heat thinks he can do that. If they do, then Mayo is a good choice at #3 with his skill set. Otherwise we'd be drafting Wade's backup, and we already have that in Cook.