Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heat Win Finale Against Hawks

And so the 2007-2008 season has come to a merciful end. We've seen every major player on this roster (other than the immortal Ricky Davis) get shelved for the rest of the season due to injury. We traded Shaq in exchange for a future and saw our star player go down yet again. Riley took his hiatus and now his future seems uncertain. All in all, the Heat matched their putrid 15-67 record from their inaugural season.

It takes a pretty big combination of bad luck, bad play, and bad decision making to do as badly as an expansion team. Especially considering we just won an NBA title 2 years ago. It's a little embarrassing to be honest, but thankfully the NBA Lottery might give us a chance to return to form. This year's team, with the addition of a DeSagna Diop and a Derrick Rose easily makes the playoffs next year. Heck, with the way the East has been of late, that might be good enough for a 4 seed. The future isn't so far away.

I really hope Riley returns next year because I do think the team has a chance to succeed. If he doesn't, then I would do everything I could to cater to Dwyane Wade. It's still not certain that he is staying in Miami after his contract expires. We have to surround him with talent and coaching that will make him comfortable. I think putting Spoelstra at the helm will do that, and I wouldn't doubt that everyone in the Heat organization knows that.

Let's just pray for a top 2 pick come May 20th.


The Bull Gator said...

As much as you're going to hate me saying this, Wade is in danger of going down the same road as Penny. UNLESS - like you said - they give him some help. NOW! A nucleus of Wade, Rose, Marion, and Udonis...all a good one. Throw in a few role players and you instantly have a team competing in the East. Wade is and can be great, but he can't continue to do it alone. He needs help.

Aldo Quintanilla said...

Stop stealing Bill Simmons' ideas. Wade is far beyond what Penny was in his first 5 years. Penny never won a Finals MVP.

However, you're right. We need role players that don't belong in the NBDL.

The Bull Gator said...

Well Simmons has the potential to be right on this one. Wade has the ring so he already has that going for him. But like you've said yourself, he needs to stop playing hurt and needs to get better teammates than the guys that play at his YMCA.