Saturday, April 5, 2008

Marlins and Canes Win on Walk-Offs

Pretty rare coincidence occurred last night, and no it didn't have anything to do with the fact the Marlins actually won a game. Instead, it was how they won. Florida topped the Pittsburgh Pirates on a walkoff home run by Mike Jacobs to put their record back at 500. Likewise, the Canes were in a bitter battle with the Clemson Tigers before Yonder Alonso's 2-run shot in the 9th capped things off.

The Marlins are doing a decent job so far of not getting blown out of the ballpark, but I don't expect them to stay at 500 for too long. Their entire offense consists of home runs. To have a consistently good team you probably need to have more guys who bat for average than for power. We don't have that on this roster.

The Canes had a rare competitive game against an opponent that wasn't about to lay down for them. Miami has been flat out dominant this season and hasn't had to play in too many tight games. Last night proved that they are fully capable of performing when the pressure is on. It's easy to slam 15 runs in when you're up by 10 or more runs, but how good can you be when the game is on the line? I guess we saw last night. Good job guys.

On one last note, I read something about Jemile Weeks supposed to have been suspended for the game for breaking team rules, but later appeared as a pinch hitter. I'm not sure about that situation except that I think the decision to play Weeks was up to Jim Morris and not the ACC. Otherwise we might see some relatively nasty repercussions. I wouldn't make much of it for now, though.

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