Monday, April 28, 2008

Riley Steps Down

No real surprise here. We could have guessed that this recent season might have taken away Riley's desire to remain as coach. A disastrous last place finish isn't exactly what he had in mind when the season started. Now we have to move on with Erik Spoelstra, who by all accounts was the heir apparent for quite some time.

The move is welcome on this end. I love Pat for all that he's done, but maybe it was time for a change. I feel uncertain with an unproven guy like Erik at the helm, and will certainly miss having that security blanket of knowing Pat Riley is our coach. But it seems like the players have stopped responding to him and that someone new had to be brought in. Who better to lead the team than Dwyane Wade's personal favorite.

The only problem I have with that is that we might be catering to Wade too much. I don't want him to turn into a prima donna. But if he is happy, then that's a relief because everyone wants him to return to Miami after his contract is up in a couple of years. Drafting Derrick Rose would probably do a lot to ensure Wade doesn't go anywhere.

As for Riley, I'm glad he gets to stay onboard as President. It was in this situation that he managed to put together the trade that led to the 2005 title. He had the chance to step back from the situation, look at the team not as a coach, but as a GM. Now he can do the same. Hopefully we get Rose or Beasley and swing some sort of trade that opens up cap space for Elton Brand next summer. Then we will be back in the race.

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