Sunday, April 6, 2008

Canes Complete Sweep of Tigers

Miami didn't have an easy time of it this weekend. Despite the fact they swept the series, all 3 games were competitive until the very end. Last night's game was blown open late by an offensive barrage and tonight's game wasn't very different, as the Canes pulled off a 7-6 victory.

The bats have been there this weekend, but for some reason our pitching staff has been struggling to get it done. Freshman Chris Hernandez turned in a subpar performance on Friday and Enrique Garcia returned to his early season form yesterday. The starting pitching kept Clemson in the games and we were lucky enough to drive in enough runs to come out of the weekend unscathed.

It's nitpicking, but if Miami plans on being a title contender, they have to be consistent against top competition. Clemson is good but nothing special. If you have trouble against their lineup, then how will you fare against UNC or FSU? That's the only downside to Miami's season so far. They haven't really been tested by an elite team yet. Once we see them dominating top talent, then I think it will be fair to make them the favorites to win the CWS.

Speaking of that, #1 ranked Arizona State got blasted earlier this weekend by Stanford, so there's a chance that Miami will become the consensus #1 team in the country. I'm not sure I would drop ASU if I were a voter, considering their schedule hasn't been as easy as ours but they've managed to stay dominant as well. But since I don't have a vote, don't be surprised to see the Canes ranked #1 if they don't stumble before the next polls come out.

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