Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rose and Beasley Declare for Draft

Shockers of the century there. In any case, it's official that both top prospects for this June's NBA Draft are ready to make the leap to the next level. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that they wouldn't turn pro, but you never know. Beasley had no reason to return to KState, but that national title collapse by Memphis might have convinced Rose to stay and win a championship.

Had either remained in school, then we really would have needed that #1 overall pick. As it stands, I am rooting for the 2nd selection so we won't second guess ourselves in the future. Just take whichever is left over. Save a little bit of cash too I guess.

The final decision between Beasley and Rose would be a tough one. Most of the fans seem to want Rose after seeing his NCAA Tournament play and I would have to agree. Beasley is ridiculous and I would be just as happy with him, but as it's been said many times on this blog, we need someone other than Wade to take the ballhandling duties. Marion/Haslem at PF would do just fine, especially if we plan on getting Brand in 2009.


Kahlos said...

We need rose. We need an all star caliber point guard. Can you imagine a Chris Paul type with D-Wade and Elton Brand... Championship. Pat just needs to pull it off

The Bull Gator said...

Kahlos beat me to it, but he is right. As I've said before...take Rose!