Friday, January 4, 2008

Bowl Season Recap

Technically there are still a couple of games left before the National Championship on Monday. However, the important games have come and gone so I'll get into what happened this bowl season.

For some reason, Florida teams laid a huge egg in their bowl games. I picked all of them to win, except for FSU, and in the end only FAU pulled out a victory. UCF couldn't move the ball, USF proved they were way out of their league, and UF has no defense this season. FSU gave a nice effort despite missing half their team.

It's an embarrassing showing for Florida teams, but hey at least they made bowl games. Though to be fair to the Canes, they spent the extra month on recruiting, so hopefully that will pay dividends in the future.

Aside from that, the bowl season was pretty lame for the most part. With the notable exception of the Gator Bowl, Peach Bowl (I refuse to call the bowls by their new names), and the Citrus Bowl, every other matchup has been a snoozer. Even worse, this particularly is true of the BCS bowl games. Though the purpose of these games is to maximize ticket revenues, it would be nice if the committee could put together some entertaining games for television viewers.

We saw 3 BCS blowouts and a snoozefest in last night's Orange Bowl Classic. Illinois and Hawaii had no business being in BCS games. Missouri got left out for arbitrary reasons. Heck I would have even preferred to see UF in the Rose Bowl. As much as I hate them, a USC-UF bowl game would have been an interesting matchup.

All we have left is a potential 2-loss national champion to be crowned on Monday. If LSU doesn't win, the Luckeyes will back their way into another title, though I suppose they would have actually earned this one as opposed to a certain other one we shall not speak of. It's a disappointing and anti-climactic end to possibly the most exciting regular season in college football history.

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