Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dolphins Hire Ireland, Fire Cam?

EDIT: The Post has reported that this is official. PFT is reporting Cam was fired last night.

Armando Salguero is reporting the Dolphins have pretty much all but hired Jeff Ireland as the new GM. Ireland was previously the GM of the Dallas Cowboys, so its obvious the Big Tuna is bringing in his own people to run the show. Considering the recent resurgence of the Cowboys franchise, I wouldn't mind if he brought as many guys as he wanted.

Up next is probably going to be Tony Sparano, who if hired as the head coach of the Dolphins would be the butt of Sopranos jokes during his entire tenure here. That of course means that Cam Cam is on his way out, after only one season at the helm.

Like I've said before, I'm pretty indifferent towards Cam Cameron. He proved nothing to us as a head coach, but giving a guy only one season is typically a rash thing to do. That being said, if Parcells is more comfortable with the guys that helped build up the Cowboys, then let the man work his magic.

However, I would suggest to Dolfans everywhere to keep a conservative outlook on the future of this team. As well as the Cowboys are playing now, Parcells didn't win a playoff game with them. In fact, the team wasn't all that good until he got lucky and Tony Romo came out of nowhere and provided Dallas with a Pro Bowl quarterback. Without his success, that team is not where it is at today. It's a similar situation to Bill Belichick in New England. If Brady doesn't come in, then how much of a genius is Bill now?

That's not to say either Bill isn't a top flight head coach or evaluator of talent. What I'm saying is that these guys don't exactly have the Midas touch with players and that a little bit of luck at the QB position helped them get over the hump. Therefore, don't expect the Dolphins to rise out of obscurity without a quarterback. Just hope that either John Beck or any potential QB that they bring in during the offseason can be the answer.

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