Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ricky Gets Extension

In what comes to a surprise to yours truly, the Dolphins today extended Ricky Williams' contract through next season. In my Evaluation of RBs I wrote how Ricky's ineffectiveness, injury history, age, and character issues probably meant he was done with the Dolphins and possibly the NFL.

Apparently, the new front office felt otherwise. Ricky's contract is worth just under 750k next season, so he serves as a cheap backup to Ronnie Brown. I doubt at this point that there are any considerable offers for his services from other teams. Might as well I guess.

What worries me is that this probably spells the end of Jesse Chatman's run in Miami. He could potentially price himself out of a job here and I doubt the Dolphins plan on keeping 4 running backs on the roster. The potential fallout of this happening is that if Ronnie is not ready by training camp or God forbid reinjures himself, we are taking a huge risk with Ricky being the primary backup. Oh well. We'll see how things go.

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