Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Canes Recruiting News

The past few days have been part of the dead period, so no visits and almost nothing substantial to report on the recruiting front. However, there are lots of bits of news that you should know about.

Patrick Johnson decommitted, which is fine. However, he didn't leave without some controversy. Apparently, PJ decided to spin the story in his favor rather than just take the high road and tell the truth. The way he handled his recruitment has been appalling. He told UNC people he was going there. He told the Noles he was decommitting to them. The same goes for the Gators. He even admitted to enjoying the process of recruiting so he could screw around with certain websites and feed them lies.

He'll finally decide on Saturday at the Army All-American game, and then good riddance. The coaches wanted him to come here, but aren't about to take his crap if he doesn't want to be here. I especially like their attitude: "The first pass we throw against him will go over his head for a touchdown." From what I hear, Jacory Harris would love to be the guy throwing that pass. Here's to seeing that happen one day.

Not to be sour grapes about losing him to LSU or UF, but for all the talk about his talent and how he is 3 and done, I'd wager anyone to find a kid who created this much drama and hoopla and ended up actually panning out. Somebody find me Willie Williams.

His potential replacement in this class is 4/5 star TJ Bryant, depending on which site you go to. Some insiders have him leaning towards UM or even being a Hurricane lock. Others suggest he is looking at LSU, but isn't comfortable with Pelini having left for Nebraska. Personally he seems like another Bobby Bowden special to me. Every year the Noles swoop in a guy at the last second on NSD, especially if they go to Lincoln High School.

Matt Patchan will decide between LSU, UF and Miami on Saturday as well. Honestly I feel if he wanted to be a Cane he would have decided already. I don't see why he would hesitate otherwise. Look for him to sign with LSU. We never get a guy who announces at the All American game.

Marcus Robinson reaffirmed his commitment to Miami this week, after rumors he might be heading elsewhere. The stud LB projects to be moved to DE at some point in his career.

Speaking of defensive ends, we really need to land another one or two in this class. The defensive line is looking really thin at this point. We are still targeting Corey Liuget, and supposedly things are looking better for us at this point. Not sure how Illinois' blowout loss yesterday will affect him.

Aside from him, there is a small glimmer of hope in swaying Moses McCray, who apparently is still committed to FSU despite rumors of his defection to LSU. Finally, we are bringing in 4 star DE Nick Perry from Michigan for a visit right before signing day. We are on his final list of 4 and having him visit last is a plus, but most people expect him to stay home.

Finally, Brandon Harris' destination is still unknown. He plans to announce on National Signing Day between UF, Ohio State, and Miami.