Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Preliminary NFL Draft Order

The NFL recently released a preliminary draft order that will be finalized after the playoffs and a coin flip between the Falcons, Raiders, and Chiefs. You can find the draft order here.

Of note is the fact all 4 AFC East teams pick in the top 11. Miami picks first of course, followed by the Jets at 6, the Patriots via San Francisco at 7, and Buffalo at 11. We may be able to trade down to the Jets now and offer them Darren McFadden so they assure themselves that the Patriots do not select him. Getting their first two picks and a future 2nd probably would be fair to both teams. At 6, Miami would still have a relatively good shot at landing Jake Long, Chris Long, or Sedrick Ellis.

Also of note is the two Cowboys picks in the 20s. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like enough to trade up to the #1 overall pick. The Cowboys would probably have to trade up to someone else before trading up again to us and offering us a sweeter deal. Best case scenario would be for nobody in the top 5 to be interested in selecting a running back so high, trading down to 5 or 6 and getting the picks for that. Then trade that pick to the Cowboys for their two firsts and change so they could draft McFadden. That would give us two 1sts, 3 or 4 2nds and a pair of 3rds maybe.

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